We all want a healthspan that’s as long as our lifespan, and central to achieving that is a healthy diet. With so many food options and so much information and misinformation on diet, we might be inclined to eat mindlessly even though we know (and possibly even experience) the health costs of not eating mindfully.

A recent article from clubsolutionsmagazine.com, “The Rise of the Personal Dietician,” states that “No one can outrun a poor diet… You can exercise for an hour a day to build muscle and burn calories, but the real hard work happens in the other 23 hours of the day with what we choose to feed ourselves.” It goes on to say something we all feel: “Stress, fatigue, busy schedules, budget, and cooking skills can all impact how and what we eat.” This is where a personal dietician or licensed nutritionist can help.

We are fortunate to have dieticians whose services you can call upon at Beechmont Racquet and Fitness! They can help you figure out how best to choose foods that support a healthy lifestyle long term. We asked each of them to tell something you may not know about them, to offer their best nutrition advice, and to share their favorite food.