Weight Rooms

Our Two Weight Rooms Total Over 13,500 Square Feet of Space!

Whether you’re getting ready for a fitness competition, hitting your personal strength goals, or just wanting to feel better day to day, our weight rooms have everything you’re looking for!

The size, space, and amount of equipment in our weight rooms is unmatched and could house most of our competitors’ entire facility. Plus, one of our weight rooms is newly renovated!

The first floor consists of a new turf-covered functional training space, lots of free weights, kettlebells, bulgarian bags, dual grip medicine balls, TRX, curved treadmills, punching bags, machines for strengthening individual muscles, and much more. The lower level has even more free weights, plate-loaded equipment, bench presses, squat racks, and more to help you build muscle mass.

We want to help all members attain their personal goals and provide answers to their fitness questions. If you’re unsure where to start, take advantage of our complimentary Smart Start program which significantly increases your chances of meeting your fitness goals. Email Tammy for more information.