Equipment and Spaces to get your heart pumping

We have so many cardio options that we have to spread it around the entire facility! Try them all to find your favorite cardio space. Let your mood and desired workout on any given day guide you to your best option.

In each area, there is a variety of equipment choices such as stair masters, ellipticals, rowers, stationary bikes, self-propelled treadmills, ski-ergs, and traditional treadmills. Your options are endless!

And, of course, the club is WiFi enabled, so feel free to bring your tablets or smartphones to catch up on your favorite shows, read a book, or listen to your favorite music app during your workout!

Functional Fitness Training Area

An open AstroTurf area where you can get creative with your cardio

In our functional fitness training area, you will find lots of open space covered in AstroTurf with a variety of equipment, so you can get creative with your cardio. In addition to bags, balls, TRX, kettlebells, a sled, and a landmine, this space houses several Ski-ergs and self-propelled treadmills. It’s our newest addition, and it’s pretty awesome!

Cardio Theater

The experience of a movie theater, but better for your health

The Cardio Theater is a unique feature at our facility that offers members the opportunity to get a great cardio workout while being entertained by big screens. The darkened room feels like being at the cinema (minus the reclining chair and buttered popcorn!). Movies change often, and current showings can be found in the lobby by the steps leading to the room!

Jogging Track

The perfect place to walk alone or to catch up with friends while you get a cardio workout
Our indoor jogging track provides an excellent place for your workout. Walk 9.3 laps, and you’ve walked a mile. With a smooth surface, an incline and decline, and numerous windows along the track help to bring the outdoors in, you’ll enjoy your walking or jogging experience. The track also goes around the pool and both gyms, so you’ll have plenty to look at while you’re exercising. Rain or shine, you can still fit in your walk or run!

Be aware of the directional arrow sign posted on the wall by the track so all traffic moves in the same direction.

The Landing

A well-lit area in which to watch TVs while working out.
In The Landing, we offer lots of ways you can catch your favorite TV channel while you work out. You can select equipment with your own TV up close, or pick a spot where you can watch multiple TVs. Either way, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your cardio workout is over!