Fitness Tips from Christina Baker
Math Nerd by Day… SWEAT! in Motion Instructor by Night! 

The idea of getting fit simply starts with a decision to change and discover your fullest potential. Then, in order to reach that potential, keep these three convictions in mind:

  1. You are doing this for YOU – no one else.

    You made the decision to be healthier, stronger and reclaim the energy that was stolen due to kids, work, stress, etc. This decision should not be about anyone else’s opinion or judgment, but because YOU want your amazing personality and traits that make you special on the inside, to be better displayed on the outside with new found confidence!

  2. Set Goals. Reward Yourself. Repeat.

    Goals should always start small and gradually build upon each other, and you need to celebrate each milestone! For example, set a water consumption goal for one week (most never realize how much more water they should be consuming daily). When you hit your goal at the end of the week, treat yourself to a small reward like a bouquet of flowers or a movie night out. Goals can be varied in measurement and timeframe (inches in a month, wearing a pair of jeans by fall, or running a 5K without stopping, etc.), but keep in mind getting fit is also a mental change as well as a physical one, so you need to stay positive and focused. It’s imperative to your success to recognize yourself for the hard work and dedication you put in. So, definitely challenge yourself but don’t be your worst enemy!

  3. Getting fit is a journey without a destination.

    There is no season/series finale or treasure chest, or leprechaun waiting for you at the end of the rainbow. Instead, there is a wonderful life of health, happiness and strength that you will thank yourself for later. You can become a symbol and source of motivation for others to make the same changes. It is a gift of life for your family and friends, which is more precious than any material item you could want. There are times you may get off the train for a bit – life happens – but your boarding pass never expires, so you just get back on and keep chugging away! Getting fit is a commitment and a relationship you enter into with yourself, but you can’t go it alone. There are times you want to quit, throw in the towel and say “to hell with all of this,” and that’s when you need the support to pick you back up, dust you off and shove you back in the ring!  

I am beyond blessed to teach such a group of people, who even at different points in their fitness journey, act as a family that cheers each other on, celebrates successes and picks each other back up when we need the extra help. I believe having a “family” supporting you will launch you to a greatness you may not have yet found in yourself, but is there just waiting for the day you wake it up! So when you are ready to make a change, I am waiting, and so is the rest of my “family” to grab your hand and bring you on board. It is a decision you will never regret!

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