New Year’s Resolutions. Each year most of us turn the page and move forward from resolutions past that were not kept. And so it is, the new year always brings with it that familiar resolution to get fitter, stronger and shed a few extra pounds. All too often, people start out strong, but have fizzled out by spring. Let us help you make 2015 the year you keep your promise to yourself to become a healthier, better you.

Think Differently

It seems like 90% of the people that sign up at the club want to lose weight to look better. That’s a great goal! But keep in mind that it may take 2 months to lose 10 or 15 pounds and sometimes people get impatient because they are only measuring results based on the numbers on a scale.

What if your goal to burn off some of the stress of the day or to sleep better at night? Do you realize that you would meet that goal after a single workout – after every workout? If your goal is simply “feeling better” then you’ll be rewarded after every workout rather than after 2 months of working out.

Members that see their club membership as an INVESTMENT are much more committed over the long haul than those that see their membership as an EXPENSE. Everyone will change the oil in their car without any sign of issues because they’re investing in long term performance. Think of your body and lifestyle the same way.

Avoid Fitness Boredom

Many times, lack of variety in your workout routine can lead to boredom, which causes burnout and lack of motivation. Beechmont Racquet and Fitness is one of the largest recreational facilities in the country. We offer a large selection of equipment, fitness and sports with team leaders in each area offering expertise and advice.

Whether you prefer group classes, boxing, yoga, racquet sports, cardio, running on a jogging track, swimming laps or one-on-one guidance from a personal trainer, we can help you find the mix of workouts that are right for you.

The Family That Works Out Together Gets Healthy Together

Another common barrier to keeping your fitness resolutions is making the time in your schedule to work out. Studies show that if you can work out early in the day, there’s less chance for “surprises” to pop up and get in the way of your workout.

Also remember that our club has a nursery, kids’ gym, kids’ classes and a kids’ workout room, so the entire family can come to the gym and have fun getting healthy together. Tennis lessons are also a great way to get your kids active. Unlike football or soccer, tennis is a sport you can play into your 80’s (we have the members to prove it). And the number of kids trying out for the school tennis team pales in comparison to the number trying out for soccer or basketball. Our family memberships are very reasonable and include up to four immediate family members (kids 22 and younger).

We’re Shaping Up Too!

With the new year you’ll see some changes around Beechmont Racquet and Fitness as well. We are investing not only in the facility but also in our relationship with you. You’ll see our website get in shape with better content – this blog as an example – and a new look, so you can be better connected with us.

Are you ready to INVEST in your health for 2015?! We would love to have you come in and see our club. We feel like we’re better than ever and you’ll be very impressed with the variety of fitness options that we offer.