Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you have to stop making a splash.

If you’re looking for a new way to keep yourself in shape, and do so effectively, swimming workouts have been proven to boost metabolism, burn calories, and work all your muscles without putting stress on your joints better than any other workout.

According to Women’s Health; “The body-shaping benefits of swimming workouts are the result of a perfect storm of calorie burn and muscle recruitment. An easy swim burns around 500 calories an hour, while a vigorous effort can torch almost 700. And because water is nearly 800 times denser than air, each kick, push, and pull is like a mini resistance workout for your entire body—especially your core, hips, arms, shoulders, and glutes.” The added plus is that boost in your metabolism, meaning you’ll keep burning calories even after you’ve gotten out of the pool and showered off.

Researchers at Indiana University have also found that people who swim regularly for exercise tend to have leaner muscle mass, and trimmer waists and hips, and less lasting injury effects than those who don’t.

“You can swim almost every day without risking injury,” says Joel Stager, Ph.D., director of the Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming at Indiana University at Bloomington, who has studied the effects of swimming for years. “You can’t say the same for running or strength training.”

Swimming is one of our favorite workout options to offer to our members. We especially love it because it optimizes cross training, maximizes your cardio, and is a refreshing and different way to work out.

If you’re interested in adding this great aerobic exercise to your weekly routine, the lap pool at Beechmont Racquet & Fitness consists of four lanes measuring twenty-five yards in length. The pool’s thermostat is set year-round to a comfortable 82 degrees, which is ideal for workout conditions. The pool is open the same hours as the club and is always available for any member to use.

Swim lessons are available for both children and adults through Lori’s H20 Skills, or freestyle lap swimming is available for all members during our hours. Learn more at beechmontfitness.com/pool.