We’ve checked out a few gift guides from NBC News and Sports Illustrated and put together this roundup of new workout gear that’s perfect for the fitness savvy person on your list this holiday season. All of these gifts are new products for sale now from awesome retailers like Amazon and Nordstrom (which often offer free and discounted express shipping during the month of December). Get what you like soon—the holidays are almost here!


Bose Sound Sport Wireless Headphones

Nobody likes accidentally ripping their headphones out of their ears while they’re on a roll at the gym. There’s no more worrying about tangles, wires getting in the way, or constantly pushing earbuds deeper into your ears with these wireless earbuds from Bose. From NBC News: “Specifically designed for strenuous activity, these popular Bluetooth wireless headphones are both sweat and water resistant, have a six-hour battery-charge life, stay securely in place during even the most aggressive workouts and respond to voice prompts. Tech writers consider these the most comfortable wireless headphones on the market.”

Buy them on Amazon for $149.


FitBit Iconic Smart Watch

Who doesn’t love the look of a new smartwatch? Fitbit offers plenty of great features for fitness aficionados, “including step-, heart rate-, sleep-, calorie-, and distance-tracking — as well as music playlist storage and sync, Fitbit Wallet for payments, Starbucks and Pandora apps, fitness coaching, GPS and email and text message notifications.” (NBC.)

Get it on Amazon for $279.99.


Auster Traveller Pack

This is the perfect gift for workout lovers who are always traveling. Essentially, it’s mountain climbing gear that fits easily in a suitcase. Users can perform a variety of different exercises to target arms, shoulders, legs, core, and glutes with just one tool. Plus, the bands can hook around any doorframe or fence, so it’s a great workout option no matter where you are.

Buy it on Amazon for $199.99


Trigger Point Grid Vibe Vibrating Foam Roller

This is an awesome option to help your workout buddy relax after a tough gym visit. According to Sports Illustrated, “Foam rollers are the best tool to help prevent muscle soreness. Trigger Point took that simple tool and added a vibrating functionality, which helps to induce muscle relaxation and blood flow for muscle recovery.”

Check it out on Amazon for $99.99.


The North Face Ventrix Water Resistant Jacket

Know someone who loves the outdoor workout, regardless of weather conditions? This jacket from The North Face is not only super stylish, but it’s also a great option to keep your athlete warm in cold or wet weather, without causing them to overheat. “…this jacket is breathable and features perforated micro vents that open and close as your body heats up and cools down,” points out Sports Illustrated. Great for hikers, outdoor runners, and marathon lovers!

Get it at Nordstrom for $199.

What do you plan on getting the fitness enthusiasts on your list? Comment below to let us know what you’ve found!