Our Sets & Reps class is a strictly strength training workout, without sprints, based on the sets method. Designed for all fitness levels, this class will work your entire body!

It has been proven that Strength Training…
-Helps keep the weight off for good
-Protects bone health and muscle mass
-Makes you stronger and fitter
-Improves balance, coordination, and posture
-Plays a role in disease prevention
-Boosts energy levels
-Translates to more calories burned
Join us for our Sets & Reps classes

9:45am Mondays and Fridays

6:30 pm Wednesdays

Feel the burn and reap the benefits of Strength Training…your body will thank you.


“Sets & Reps is challenging. I like weight lifting-it’s so good for you! Strength is where it’s at! This class makes me do weights when I probably wouldn’t do them on my own. Working in a group gives me the motivation I need. I like having an instructor for the class so I know I’m doing things correctly.” -Jennifer M.

“I love this class; everything about it!” -Reyna G.

“It’s great to mix weights with cardio. Instead of doing weights upstairs (in the weight room), I like doing this class in the studio with a group and an instructor!” -Kandy W.