Spring is in the air! If you’re thinking of breaking out your warm weather wardrobe this Spring Break – shorts, tanks, dresses, skirts, swimsuit – now might be the perfect time to kick up your fitness routine to get muscles you’ll want to show off. Boot camp classes are a great opportunity to try something new, get strong and push yourself to be your very best.

If you’ve always been intimidated by a boot camp class (think: screaming drill sergeant), then you should take a fresh look at the boot camp classes at Beechmont Racquet and Fitness. These no-nonsense, results-oriented classes, taught by the motivational “Mr. John” (John Pimenidis), will challenge you, but meet you where you are. The focus is on getting stronger – physically and mentally – and building your self-confidence through increased strength and stamina.

Mr. John is an expert at modifying his workouts to fit every individual’s goals and needs. Whether it’s your first time ever trying a boot camp workout or you’ve done similar things before, this class can work for you.

A boot camp style workout is not focused on intimidation – quite the opposite. Mr. John combines cardiovascular, calisthenics, and weight training to provide a total body workout that makes you stronger and tougher – inside and out. Reaching your goals and accomplishing something you’ve never been able to do before, whether a race, competition, pushup, chin-up, handstand or other personal challenge, is an amazing feeling and tremendous boost to your self-esteem. Do it for yourself!

“’I’ve been doing John’s boot camp for over 6 years.  It’s the one-hour in my week that everything else gets tuned out except for a high intensity workout and it is always a little different every week so it is not predictable.
I’d sum up his Boot Camp as Intense!  Hard-Core!  Commitment! I like training with John because no matter who you are, you will all equally get your butt kicked at your own level.  Not everyone is at the same level but they will get the same workout if they give it 100%.  He is also a great friend but focuses on training and mentoring once class starts!” – Jeff F.

If you’d like to try a boot camp class with Mr. John, you can buy a package or pay as you go. Drop in and try it today. You’ll be glad you did!

Blog Challenge: Mr. John has a few sayings he throws around quite often. This month’s blog challenge is to figure out the blank, and you’ll be entered to WIN a $25.00 gift certificate!!  How do you enter the challenge? Provide your answer to John and we’ll randomly pick one winner!


“Our bodies were made to move, so let’s get __________!” –Mr. John

-Winner will be randomly drawn.

-One winner will be announced on Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday, April 8th!