The market for nutritional supplements is so diverse and vast, it can seem daunting to decide which brand is the best one for your health goals. Before talking about what supplements are the best to take and what brand we recommend, let’s talk about why we take supplements.

Taking nutritional supplements to reach your health and fitness goals is simply supplemental to a healthy clean eating diet. Eating foods that are nutrient-rich such as green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit should be the mainstay of your dietary health, not supplements. It’s impossible to see any change if you’re eating sugary processed food and expect anything to magically counteract that. The first step should be to set your diet straight before turning to supplements that will help you get to the next level.

Beverly International

It’s important to buy from a brand that is invested in high-quality ingredients and has good practices in their manufacturing. We believe that Beverly International is one of the top in the industry for being committed and devoted to all aspects of their products. They do extensive research on all the ingredients and test each product to ensure effectiveness. You never have to second guess their integrity or the performance of Beverly International. 

Here’s what Beverly International has to say about why their supplements stand out above the rest:

  • Beverly uses only premium ingredients, proven to work year after year

  • We don’t follow trends or seek higher profits by substituting cheaper or less effective ingredients and potencies

  • We modify a product formula only when we can make it improve results for our clients

  • Beverly always assumes all the risk for your purchase. If you do not get the results you want, you get a 100% refund

We strive to offer only the top quality products that will help you reach your goals. Visit to learn more about their company and feel free to ask anyone at the Front Desk of BR&F if you have questions.