We’re a community that exists to help each other succeed. If you have lofty fitness goals, or are just getting started, we can help! If you’ve ever struggled to stick to your fitness and health goals, these tips are for you! 

1. Eliminate decision fatigue by hiring a personal trainer and nutrition coach

If you’re new to exercising and intentional healthy eating, making these investments in yourself is the number one most effective way to achieve your goals and stay consistent. 

Hiring a personal trainer and nutrition coach eliminates decision fatigue. Decision fatigue is the phenomenon that happens when making a decision zaps your energy and motivation. There can even be pre-decision fatigue where even thinking about starting to make changes and decide on a new path is exhausting! 

Oftentimes, decision fatigue comes about when you’re not equipped with all the necessary tools and information you need to make an effective choice. So, before you can actually make the decision you want to make–start exercising with results, eating healthier, etc—you need to make several other little decisions beforehand…which is tiring!

Personal trainers plan each and every workout for you, so you don’t have to decide for yourself. A nutrition coach will give you a meal plan so all you have to do is follow it instead of completely revamping your diet on your own. While using these resources, you’ll slowly amass all the knowledge you need to start making informed decisions on your own! 

Once you’re empowered with knowledge, some experience and someone to cheer you on, getting to the gym and eating healthy won’t seem so daunting and you’ll start seeing results! 

2. Establish and protect your “health time” 

Setting aside even just 30 minutes of your day to exercise, meal prep or educate yourself on health can add up and lead to significant results in a short amount of time! 

Find 30 minutes of your day where you can either exercise, meal prep or research and don’t let that time budge. If it absolutely has to, don’t skip the day. Before you commit to something else during that time, make sure you can find that 30 minutes elsewhere in your day. 

Repeating these habits consistently will begin to change your outlook on health and fitness and expand your capacity for exercise, intentional eating and continued education. 

3. Have a “why” you believe in

For many people, wanting to look a certain way or see a certain number on the scale isn’t enough to keep them consistent in their health practices.

Here are a few compelling why’s to get you thinking outside the box: 

  • To continue to travel with my family 

  • To stay strong during pregnancy and heal quickly after

  • To stay healthy longer in life

  • To keep my body strong so I can continue to do the activities I love 

  • To lower my risk of hereditary diseases in my family 

  • To perform better in my sport or line of work 

  • To have consistent energy throughout the day to spend time with people I love

  • To not miss out on family and friend activities 

When our whys are personal and go beyond us and beyond the gym, they tend to stick and cultivate plenty of motivation and discipline! What’s your why? 

Ask us at the club or email Tammy for how we can support you in your fitness goals! We believe in you and know we can all succeed together.