At BRF we want you to reach or exceed all of your fitness goals. Some of you may need help getting started, or getting motivated to get back into things and that’s OK! We’re here to support and empower you. If you regularly hit the gym with a strong work ethic, but fail to see the results you’re hoping for, we have some solutions! Here are some tips on how to reach your fitness goals and feel renewed body, mind, and spirit!

Motivation and Getting Started:  

Maybe you long to get back in the gym, but you’re worried your season of life won’t allow a strong 3-day-a-week commitment. So you put off exercise, believing if you can’t dive in head-first, you shouldn’t dive in at all. Here’s some advice: don’t overthink it. Just come! Even if you can only come once a week you’ll be glad you did. We promise.

With that in mind, don’t forget to focus on the immediate positives that come from exercise. We all want to look fit and lean, but those results take a little while. When you aren’t experiencing the immediate success you want, staying motivated can be difficult. However, we encourage you to focus on the way you feel after each workout instead of the way your body looks. This feeling is the immediate positive reinforcement you need to keep going. Notice how happy, calm or full of energy you feel when you leave the gym. Notice how confident you feel when you’ve accomplished a hard workout. Notice how you slept better or felt less anxious and tense. If you focus on these things, coming back to the gym again and again will get easier. 

You’re Working Hard, but Your Body is Not Changing

If you complete the same exercise every other day for 90 days, you won’t burn nearly as many calories on day 90 as you did on day 1. This is because your body has adapted to that particular amount of exertion and your muscles don’t need to work as hard. Many of our members come in and do the same routine day after day feeling disappointed when they don’t see their bodies change. While any exercise is better than nothing, here are a few specific tactics to help reset your body and illicit better results.

Dietary Advice:  Contrary to popular belief, a healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to starve yourself. You have to listen to your body, learn what works for you, and educate yourself on nutritious foods. Eating the right foods in the right patterns can boost your metabolism and help your body recover from exercise – a big win for building healthy muscle mass! BRF has certified nutritionists on staff to help you talk through your dietary challenges. There is a fee for Nutritional Counseling, but no fee to jump into a Smart Start consultation with our Personal Training Manager, Tammy. Tammy can give you key information to get you started on the right dietary path and connect you with a Nutritionist.

Group Fitness Classes:  Our group fitness classes are a dynamic way to boost your endurance. The qualities of unity, belonging, and fun, fast music create a high energy environment where you can push yourself to your limit. Every class is a little different so you can work new muscles and burn more calories. And don’t forget the best part – most of our group classes are FREE!

Set Goals/Targets to Create Accountability:  Accountability and/or goals and targets can be great motivators to keep you focused. Whether your goal is running a mini marathon or losing 10 pounds before your high school reunion, a target date helps you stay motivated even on grumpy, rainy days when you’d rather stay home and watch Netflix. You can also commit yourself to a 3D body scan with before and after dates. This is an exciting way to see significant results and feel the push to keep going.

YouTube Videos/Internet:  You can find great workouts on YouTube or on other digital mediums. These are perfect options for warming up, stretching out, or fighting in a unique workout outside of gym hours. 

Personal Training:  Nothing beats a personal trainer to help diversify your workout! A trainer assists with form, working different muscle groups, watching out for injuries, and even creating workouts that prevent injuries. Like nutritional counseling, personal training is a financial investment. We encourage members to think of coaching as a long term “investment” in their health, rather than an extra financial expense. There is no obligation to initiate a Smart Start with Tammy and discuss personal training options.

We want you to love coming to the gym, and that usually becomes easier when you feel like you’re getting a lot out of your workouts. So let us know how we can help you on your journey!