At Beechmont Racquet and Fitness, we’ve always valued the four main elements of wellness and hustled to incorporate them into every bit of who we are. We care about your physical health, your sense of belonging, your level of curiosity, and, most of all, your enjoyment.

No doubt, your doctor encourages exercise as a way of controlling your blood sugar, lowering your blood pressure, or reducing your risk of cancer, but we care about your unique fitness journey. We want to help you sustain your physical health through a nutrition and fitness plan that is uniquely designed around your tastes and interests. Providing affordable personal training sessions and nutrition assessments are important to us because they are important to your health and well-being long term. Lance Atkins, Vice President of BRF strongly believes “if you only see fitness as an ‘expense’, you probably won’t stick with it. But if you can view it truly for what it is, an investment, then your chances for success increase dramatically”. We are committed to meeting you right where you are and guiding you down a rejuvenating path, not shoving you into extreme and demotivating goals. We long to help you find energy, courage, and purpose. 

When you walk through our doors, we want you to know you belong here. Human well-being flourishes in social connection, which is why, at BRF, we value community as a top priority. A big part of the joy found in fitness is actually the joy found in connection. We evolved as social creatures because we need each other to survive–not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. We strive to create a sense of belonging by offering opportunities for social connection before and after you exercise. Our bar offers a place to catch up with friends and laugh over a beer, smoothie, or snack. It’s a perfect spot to unwind and renew your sense of what is good and true about humanity. We believe in continuing the natural rhythm of community–labor, ritual, play, connection, happiness. 

One key aspect of feeling alive and happy is keeping your curiosity and interest peaked. At BRF, we are determined to be a “Facility with Versatility!” We understand that to feel motivated in fitness people want to feel comfortable through a routine. However, the same routine could be the reason why you are not seeing the results you desire. We would encourage you to learn more about functional fitness (explained more inside) to help hit your fitness goals. We are committed to helping you by providing the latest fitness equipment and a variety of fitness classes, as well as, personal training. Our pristine tennis, pickleball and racquetball courts offer fun, social opportunities to participate in a little competition and learn a new sport. Our expansive swimming pool promises a soothing place to dive into low-impact exercise. Everything we house is clean, modern, and efficiently located so that your experience at BRF assists you in your fitness goals and keeps you feeling inspired.

As an institution, we value fun as much as anything. It is one of our highest values. It is our aesthetic. It is our purpose. We strive to create a vibrant, upbeat atmosphere that keeps everyone feeling hopeful and alive. We plan fun events to add a little spice to your workout and your life! We train our instructors to be encouraging and optimistic. We play party tunes and offer energy-packed fitness classes. Everything we do is about making your unique fitness journey one that helps you persist, endure, learn, and thrive as a healthy human.

The pandemic was devastating for all of us and we’ve worked diligently to help our members get back to fitness in safe and responsible ways. As we jump back into normal routines, we want you to know we are more passionate than ever about our mission: to profitably provide an enjoyable recreational getaway through a strong sense of community where members feel encouraged in their own health and fitness journeys. Let’s get back to Beechmont Basics!