According to a recent article in Yahoo, a national study finds that fitness facilities are safe and are not contributing to the spread of COVID-19.

The International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) and MXM, a technology and knowledge transfer company specializing in member tracking within the fitness industry, analyzed millions of member check-in data across 2,873 gyms, sports clubs and boutique fitness centers over the course of three months, found that a nominal 0.0023 percent of attendants tested positive for COVID-19. They also reported that gyms nationwide have strong COVID-19 safety measures in place and there is zero evidence that the positive cases originated in gyms themselves.

“It’s become abundantly clear that the safety measures gyms, sports clubs and boutique fitness centers have in place are not only incredibly effective at keeping their membership safe, but also curbing any potential spread of COVID-19 during a time when we all need access to exercise facilities to stay healthy.”’ — MXM CEO, Blair McHaney. 

The article also emphasizes that access to fitness centers is key in keeping Americans healthy. Physical activity plays an important role in not only maintaining a healthy immune system, but reducing COVID-19 risk factors such as obesity, heart disease, lung disease and diabetes. According to the article, physical fitness also reduces the risk of stress and depression, which are very apparent in our lives due to the isolation and losses we’ve experienced during this crisis. One in five Americans experience mental health illness, and people with mental illness have 40 percent higher risk of developing cardiovascular and metabolic diseases than the general population.

‘”Fitness centers are needed now more than ever to help us stay active and maintain a healthy immune system,” added Robert Sallis, M.D. with Kaiser Permanente. “COVID-19 risk factors haven’t changed since the pandemic began – obesity, heart disease, lung disease and diabetes put you at much higher risk for both short- and long-term complications. It’s imperative that we all make real change now to stay healthy given that exercise is an essential part of life.”’

This information presents a wonderful opportunity for Beechmont members to pick-up where they left off and enjoy all that our facility has to offer. We are still committed to providing an enjoyable recreational getaway and a strong sense of community. Our priority is for you to feel encouraged in your own personal health and fitness journey. We understand the fears you may have returning to the gym and we also understand how demotivating it is to workout by yourself at home without accountability. At Beechmont, we are committed to creating a safe place for you to find community, establish fitness goals and have tons of fun! 

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