A recent article from Medical News Today, highlighted research on the relationship between physical fitness and cognitive performance. There are many reasons why healthy individuals display high cognitive performance, but this research (the largest and most detailed study of its type) attempts to prove this circumstance is related to the benefits of exercise. In their experiment, scientists used a large sample of healthy people and retested the links between physical fitness and communication between different parts of the brain.

Overall, the research showed that participants who performed better in a brisk 2-minute walking test also performed considerably better in the cognitive tasks they were asked to complete after the walk. This connection was significant even after controlling a range of factors, including BMI, blood pressure, age, education level, and sex. Lead researcher, Dr. Jonathan Repple commented, “It surprised us to see that even in a young population cognitive performance decreases as fitness levels drop (…) This leads us to believe that a basic level of fitness seems to be a preventable risk factor for brain health.”

According to this article, there is a powerful connection between physical fitness and mental quickness. More and more the world is waking up to the importance of movement in all areas of health. We are passionate about existing as a place that helps individuals thrive both mentally and physically. Hope to see you at BRF this week!

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