Exercise cannot make you RESISTANT to COVID-19, but it may be able to make you more RESILIENT if you were to ever catch it. 

As we age, our immune systems naturally have a decline in some immune cell functions called immunosenescence. “Immunosenescence is characterized by increased susceptibility to infection, decreased vaccine efficacy, and higher prevalence of autoimmunity and cancer.”  A review in the journal called Nutrients uncovered some evidence about the relationship between physical activity and immune system protection.

When comparing fitness levels of older adults, there was an impact on immune cells on those who had higher fitness. The review also suggested that with exercise, we may be able to reverse the effects of declining immune cells that come with age. Maintaining a higher level of physical activity can have an anti-inflammatory effect, helping you be more resilient to illness. 

The study concluded with the amazing fact that “exercise is an effective strategy for supporting successful immune aging and decreasing the risk of maladaptive immune aging. In this regard, regular endurance exercise seems to be the most promising approach to counteracting cellular immunosenescence and inflammaging.”

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