Quarantine left us all feeling a little isolated, overwhelmed and wondering what pieces of the news we can pick up and really trust. Some sources encourage us to find community and move as much as possible as good practice for physical, mental and emotional health. Some warn us to stay home and stay afraid of the effects of COVID-19 at all costs.

What are we supposed to do? If community and physical activity are really that important for wellbeing shouldn’t we give gym memberships a try? How do we find a balanced approach between physical safety and our physical and emotional health?

A recent article from IHRSA discussed these topics with Lori Deemer, M.D., medical director of Hancock Wellness Centers in Hancock County, IN, and board member of the Medical Fitness Association. Deemer emphasizes that physical activity is “extremely essential to both mental and physical health.” “Persistent activity,” Deemer says, “allows people to remain physically independent, stay connected socially, improve overall vitality and strengthen immune function.”

In the article, Deemer warns that while quarantine and social distancing may help contain the spread of COVID-19 it translates to, “less movement, and even just within a few months, a significant increase in debility and decline in overall health. We have to weigh the risk of COVID-19 infection with the risks associated with social isolation, decreased physical activity, and loss of function.”

According to the article, the CDC concluded that from April to June 2020 American’s anxiety and depression symptoms escalated from the same period the previous year. Deemer states that physical activity improves the symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as stress levels, which we all know are extremely elevated this year especially with the upcoming election. She also notes that moving more helps with sleep, mood, focus and attention and the ability to stay sober. Deemer’s advice is “to be physically active and live life as normally as possible” sticking to the three Ws: watching our distance, wearing our masks and washing our hands.

At the end of the article, a strong statement regarding physical activity is made that could improve the health of western society forever if we could only accept the challenge of it… “Exercise is so beneficial for health that it should be considered as a drug.” – The authors of an article in the British Journal of Pharmacology

We want Beechmont Racquet and Fitness to be a place for you to step out of isolation and find a community and lifestyle that elevates your wellbeing. We are focused on creating an experience that is both physically safe and an absolute blast!

Come on back to Beechmont! For more information, read at https://www.ihrsa.org/improve-your-club/lockdowns-cause-severe-mental-physical-health-consequences/.