Yoga is a form of exercise that is beneficial for people of all ages. Chair yoga is a type of yoga that is especially beneficial for beginners, pregnant women, people recovering from injuries, or with limited mobility. However, chair yoga can also be a great option for young people. Chair yoga can help to improve flexibility, strength, and sleep. It can also help to reduce stress, calm the mind and improve mental well-being. Read more about the benefits below:

Better Sleep

Chair yoga is a great way to exercise and get better sleep. The exertion from this class can help you rest, which in turn reduces the chance that disruptions like pain or stress will keep them up at night – leading them into another day feeling tired instead of refreshed!

Reduced Stress

Whether it’s due to work or family commitments Chair Yoga has been found helpful at ensuring relaxation after an intense workout session so one may enjoy their deserved hour (or more) off!

Chair yoga is a great way to reduce stress and improve your mood. The moving meditation of the exercise helps you relax, while also improving mental clarity through improved blood flow in our brains!

Improved Strength

Chair yoga poses work your entire body while building strength. This creates a strong foundation that can help reduce the risk of falls as well improve balance for an improved sense of safety in everyday life activities such as walking or taking stairs rather than elevators!

Increased Flexibility

Chair yoga can increase your flexibility and improve mobility! The ability to move freely is important for more than just doing poses. You need it so that you’re able do the things in life which make you happy – like playing with your kids or dancing at a party; even if they’re simple activities like sitting down while watching TV (or reading this article).

With the ability to bend, twist and stretch freely comes a new found sense of freedom. This is important for more than just practicing yoga as it allows you do what needs be done while engaging in activities that you love! Although some may assume they’ll lose their flexibility over time due old age or injury; this isn’t true at all if used correctly. Chair poses allow us increased range-of motion which improves movement quality throughout our bodies improving physical capabilities and adding happier feelings.

Chair yoga is a great way for young people to get started with yoga or to supplement their regular yoga practice. If you are interested in trying chair yoga, we have Bob’s Chair Yoga every Tuesday at 11:00am in Studio B. Sign up HERE.