Gratitude. It’s something we should embody every day no matter where we are in our lives or our fitness journey. Too often, we get caught up on what we haven’t done or where we want to be – but there is so much power in expressing gratefulness for exactly where we are today. 

Fitness is one way to show gratitude for the vessels carrying us through this life – our bodies. No matter what shape or size we are today and no matter how we feel about that, our bodies are striving to keep life flowing through us in a million intricate ways. If we don’t take time to treat our bodies with gratitude and respect, we’ll miss a huge opportunity to grow emotionally and find deep motivation for physical health. 

At its core, gratitude is recognizing the good things in your life. It’s an acknowledgment of the value you’ve been given. And when it comes to your health and fitness, gratitude can be a powerful tool for helping you achieve your goals. When you feel grateful for the effort your body expends to cool you off, you’ll give it the water it needs to sustain that ability. When you feel grateful for the legs that can sprint up a hill on a chilly morning, you’ll give those legs the workouts and stretches they need to recover and grow stronger. Gratitude for your body is gratitude for yourself. It’s a way to say, I’m worthy of care and belonging just as I am today. When you begin to live life from a place of worthiness, shame, jealousy, anxiety, comparison, bitterness, and perfectionism melt away. When that happens, you become a better partner, spouse, parent, and friend. Gratitude is amazing in its complexity and capacity to change someone’s entire life through one simple act.

Take a few moments each morning or each night to express gratitude for the little moments and simple gifts that are meaningful to you. Don’t forget to include that gorgeous/handsome being that carries and sustains you – your one and only body. And then treat your body accordingly – with love, care, and respect. Thank your body for the many ways it serves you every day and watch a whole new you, bloom. 

That’s the power of gratitude. Come join our FitFam and invest in the wholeness of your body and mind this winter blues season.