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See real growth in your inner and outer strength

We understand the barriers that keep you from the healthy lifestyle you deserve. We know you want to make movement and strength training part of your weekly routine so that you get stronger and feel better.

Maybe you’re not sure where to start. Maybe you’ve been down the road of fitness before or feel discouraged by past failed commitments.

We are a community-driven fitness club that offers many options to help you start, stay the course, and succeed.

Find Your Tribe

Sometimes people prefer to work out alone. Sometimes they need the support of a group. We offer many different individual workout options as well as tribes to suit your passions.

Many BRF members have found their best friends through shared workout experiences at BRF!

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Solo Workout Options

sometimes people prefer to workout alone



Running Track

Two Large Weight Rooms

Two Fitness Studios

Functional Fitness Area

Growth Over Perfection

start, stay the course, and succeed

You deserve to work out and feel better! Don’t let perfectionist thinking rob you of the mental and physical boost you’ll get every time you come to the gym.

These mindsets sabotage your workout efforts:

  • “If I can’t commit to daily workouts, it’s not worth it.”
  • “I need to excel immediately or it’s a failure.”
  • “One missed workout ruins everything.”
  • “I don’t have enough time for a ‘perfect’ workout, so I won’t bother.”
  • “I can’t show weakness or ask for help at the gym.”

But here’s the truth: progress is one step at a time toward growth. And one step toward growth is better than none.

If you miss a workout or even a week, come back.

We’re here for you.

Let our spaces, our equipment, and our offerings inspire you and give you the self confidence you deserve, wherever you are on your fitness journey.

Group Fitness

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A community of people passionate about growing our inner and outer strength and having fun along the way!


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Fitness and Wellness Adapted to YOU

Personal Training

When you want results but aren’t sure what to do on your own, a personal trainer adds an extra level of support and accountability. Through one-on-one coaching, you’ll engage in strength training with proper form and technique so that you burn fat, build muscle, and increase your metabolism.

All of our trainers are certified, and their extensive expertise is matched only by their genuine passion and unwavering commitment to stand by your side as you strive for your fitness aspirations.

Assisted Stretching

One-on-one assisted stretching targets where you need to be stretched based on your personal needs.  Assisted stretching goes past your reflexes to produce a deeper stretch that you can’t get on your own.  

It reduces the likelihood of injury by relaxing, strengthening, and elongating muscles to improve the range of motion.

Smart Nutrition

Smart Nutrition is a step-by-step nutrition plan with a licensed dietitian that provides accountability and helps you meet your wellness and weight goals.

After an initial consultation with one of our dietitians, we develop an individualized plan for your nutrition with weekly check-ins with your dietitian. Let us help you meet your weight goal!

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